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Million Step Challenge FAQ

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Frequently asked questions about the Million Step Challenge

How does the Challenge work?
The Million Step Challenge takes place during the month of September each year in partnership with the Ridgecrest Neighborhood Association. Each year we set a “Steps” goal for the community to achieve. Participants of all ages and abilities are invited to track their walking in our tracking system to help achieve that goal. The Million Step Challenge also offers friendly competition amongst participant. Top “steppers” receive prizes at the end of the challenge.

Do I have to sign up?
No need to sign up, just log your totals on the paper or online tracking sheet and you are automatically a part of the challenge.

How do I count my steps?
Participants can log their totals in several different ways. Your totals will be converted to steps and posted on the website  at

The Million Step Challenge allows participants to log their walking totals in several different ways during the month of September. All totals will be posted on this website.

1. Walk around the loop path at Paramount School Park (155th Street & 8th Avenue NE) and track your total laps on the paper tracking sheet located in the park or on the online STEP TRACKER.

2. Walk anywhere you want and track your miles walked on the online STEP TRACKER.

3. Use a pedometer and log your total daily steps on the online STEP TRACKER.

Why do you ask for my neighborhood?
In addition to awarding prizes to individuals who walk the most steps, starting in 2018, we will be awarding a prize to the neighborhood that walks the most steps. All participants will be required to enter their neighborhood on the STEP TRACKER so we can figure out a winner.

I don’t know what neighborhood I live in?
Neighborhood Map

Where can I see my totals?
Individual standings and current community totals are posted on the webpage
If you log your total online, your totals will be updated immediately in real time. If you log them on the paper tracking sheet at Paramount School Park, totals will be updated on the website two days a week (M+W).

How do I win prizes?
To be eligible to win prizes, you must give us your email address at least one time on the ONLINE TRACKER sheet so we'll know how to contact you if you win a prize

**Be sure to check out the Million Stair Challenge taking place in June at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park.** 

Paramount School Park Map


Ways to get creative!
• Consider setting a goal for yourself, whether be 10 miles (21,750 steps) or 50 miles (108,750 steps!). Setting goals along your fitness journey is a great way to keep motivated.
• Challenge a family member or set up a challenge for your friends or neighbors.
• Have another great idea? Share it with us!

Personal Goal Helper Chart
1 mile    = 2175 steps
10 miles = 21,750 steps
20 miles = 43,500 steps
30 miles = 65,250 steps
40 miles = 87,000 steps
50 miles = 108,750 steps
60 miles = 130,500 steps
70 miles = 152,250 steps
80 miles = 174,000 steps
90 miles = 195,750 steps
100 miles = 217,500 steps

Good Luck!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Paramount School Park?
15300 8th Avenue NE(Corner of 155th Street and 8th Avenue NE)

How long is the loop path?
One lap around the loop path is 1/3 mile. Three laps is one mile.

If it’s the Million “Step” Challenge, do I have to count how many steps I take?
No, your totals will be converted to steps. You can write down or log online how many laps you do around the path at Paramount School Park and we will calculate the number of steps. One lap is approximately 725 steps, so if you complete 2 laps, we’ll calculate that you did 1450 steps. Or you can log your miles walked online, or you can use a pedometer and log the step count from your pedometer online.

Why is there a paper and online version of the stair tracker form and how do I use them?
At the park you will have the choice of logging your laps on a paper tracking form (located at the southeast corner of the walking path) or using the QR Code to access the online tracker with your smartphone to input your totals online. The online step tracker can also be accessed from this webpage. The advantage to using the online step tracker is that it updates your totals on the website immediately and you will be able to enter your email address and we’ll be able to notify you if you walk enough laps to win a prize.

If you choose to log your “miles walked” or “steps from your pedometer”, you will need to use the online tracker.

Can I use both the paper and online stair tracker?
Yes. It doesn't matter which form you use, it will all be tallied together in the end. Be sure to enter your name the same way on both forms so the totals can be added under the correct name.

Do I have to log my step total each day I walk, or can I combine days and log them one time?

Do whatever works best for you. We encourage people to log their totals after each day they compete so that you do not forget or lose track. We’ll also be able to keep an accurate current total if you log them directly after your walk. If you want to log them at a later date (before September 30th) that is fine also.