Pop-Up Pianos

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KJ Bateman Polinators - web

Welcome to 2019 Pop-Up Pianos in Shoreline!

Five newly enhanced and seven returning pianos have been delivered to locations across Shoreline for all to play and enjoy. They will be in place until mid-September this year. Can you find and play them all?

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Nancy Bishop Harvey Dog House Boogie - webDog House Boogie (2019)
Nancy Bishop-Harvey
Shoreview Off Leash Dog Area
320 NW Innis Arden Way 

Shoreline Rocks at City Hall Shoreline Rocks (2013)
Kelly Lyles
Shoreline City Hall
17500 Midvale Ave N

Marijke Keyser Untitled - web

Notation (2019)
(electric organ; "on" switch takes several minutes to warm up)
Marijke Keyser 
Shoreline City Hall Veterans Plaza
17500 Midvale Ave N

O Untitled - webRise, Come to Light, and
Sing Forth, Anima
Shoreline Library
345 NE 175th

KJ Bateman Support your local polinators - web
Support your Local Pollinators (2019)
KJ Bateman
Sky Nursery
18528 Aurora Ave  

Joseph Brooks Fantastic Green Spaces - web

Fantastic Green Spaces (2017)
Joseph Brooks
Arcane Comics
15202 Aurora Ave N, Ste A

Wonderland (2013)
Heather Carr
Richmond Beach Library
19601 21st Ave NW

Land Free Home Brave
Land Free Home Brave (2015)
Jennifer Caroll
Monka Brewing
17211 15th Ave NE


Megan Reisinger Voyager 3 Spartan - web
Voyager 3 (2017)
Megan Reisinger
Spartan Recreation Center
202 NE 185th St

(Limited hours. No Saturday afternoon or Sunday play)

Laura Brodax Piano - web
Seeing Sound (2019)
Laura Brodax
Modern Glaze
14800 Westminster Way N 

NW Melodies by Marsha Lippert in action at GoodwillNorthwest Melodies (2014)
Marsha Lippert
North City Water District
1519 NE 177th St

 Cynthia Knox_Notable Clucks 2017
Notable Clucks (2017)
Cynthia Knox
Central Market
15505 Westminster Way N

Many thanks to the artists and businesses who make this annual event possible! Questions or Comments? Contact David Francis, Public Art Coordinator dfrancis@shorelinewa.gov (206) 801-2661