New Public Art coming soon to the Park at Town Center

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After a year-long search with almost 100 applicants, Rhiza A+D, a team of artists and architects from Portland, Oregon was chosen to design, fabricate and install a significant piece of art for Shoreline's town center located just north of 175th Street between Midvale and Aurora. The artwork is inspired by the Interurban trolley cars that traveled this corridor during the early 20th century. The project includes expanding the brick road and some landscaping. Volunteers interested in helping lay bricks or planting should contact Public Art Coordinator David Francis (206) 801-2661. More information.


A series of temporary eco-art installations, Groundswell offers a means of fostering new interpretations of art and nature in urban spaces. The artwork is on view during daylight hours. Tours by arrangement: David Francis, Public Art Coordinator, 206-801-2661;

Site Specific Poetry (002)


Site-Specific Poetry

Site-specific poetry based on artistic interpretations of the park are on temporary signboards that will rotate throughout the season.

North City Park

Paramount Open Space



 Will Sclough_Restoration 2018


Will Schlough

Brugger’s Bog Park
19553 25th Ave NE
Shoreline, WA 98133