The Gallery at Shoreline City Hall

1st Floor Lobby: Temporary Art Loans


Known Unknowns: Ken Winnick
Photo collage, 2017-2018

Ken Winnick_Known Unknowns (detail) 2017

(below) Swirling Cherry Peppé
(not pictured) Butterfly: Peppé

   Peppe_Swirling Cherry (002)











 2nd floor landing and corridor (through October 19):

Shift: Amy Pleasant
Abstract works 

Pleasant’s arAmy Pleasant_What is Not Seen_2018twork draws on two decades spent in classrooms in Los Angeles, Denver, Honolulu, and Shoreline, WA.  Observing that “an important generational shift seems to have taken place in this country,” Pleasant offers a series of portraits of this awakening in progress. The bright colors and sherbet palette and the integration of abstracted shapes within the figures of the students reflects the innocence of the age and hopefulness for the future.  

Pleasant was a bilingual teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District and Denver Public Schools. She taught in the gifted and talented program at Assets School in Honolulu and taught elementary and middle school for the Shoreline School District in Shoreline, WA. She attended the Art Institute of Seattle and the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, studying under Mark Kang O'Higgins in the Drawing and Painting Atelier. She has exhibited in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Amsterdam and was one of 12 artists featured in 2014 by the Woman's Caucus of Art.  

Image credits: Broken Heart, 2017, courtesy of the artist. More images may be viewed at

2nd and 3rd floor corridors:



Shruti Ghatak

October 18 - January 15




4th floor corridor:

Selections from the Portable Works Collection

Justin Gibbens_Birds and Bees (Stellar's Jays) 2006


"Birds and Bees"
Justin Gibbens







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