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Recent Exhibitions

Edwin Pratt 1Living the Dream, Dreaming the Life: Artists Respond to the Edwin Pratt Legacy

January 26 - April 26, 2019

This group art exhibition presented the work of local artists inspired by the life and legacy of Edwin T. Pratt, civil rights pioneer and Shoreline homeowner. In partnership with the Black Heritage Society of Washington State (BHS) and a Collections Care Grant from 4Culture, this unique exhibition asked artists to view documents and photographs from the Pratt Family archive recently donated to BHS by Miriam Pratt and Jean Soliz, Pratt’s daughter and the Pratt’s Shoreline neighbor and close family friend. Edwin Pratt 2(

Living the Dream, Dreaming the Life was juried by Hasaan Kirkland, curator at Northwest African American Museum, and David Francis, City of Shoreline Public Art Coordinator. These archival materials offer a glimpse of Pratt’s life as the first Black homeowner in an otherwise exclusive white suburban neighborhood during the postwar Eisenhower years when home ownership created the modern American dream for so many but sadly for very few people of color. Read more



Displacements: Shruti Ghatak 

Displacements records the dynamics of global movement and diaspora. Images of boxes, books, and clothes dominate along with communication devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Ghatak’s formal training and interest in the figure is also evident in a series of portraits that prioritize the gesture of the hand, the arc of the back, as well as the seriousness and bravery in the face. In Displacements, we see the effort to reassemble a life from the objects and fragments that have come through customs. Read More


Amy Pleasant_What is Not Seen_2018Lessons Learned: Amy Pleasant

In Lessons Learned, artist Amy Pleasant reflects on her past as a teacher and by extension the ongoing issue of
education in America. Her new artwork documents the rise of a younger generation more engaged in social activism as evinced by the recent emergence of the “March for Our Lives” movement.

Read more



Terry Leness_The Gatekeeper_2017Centers of Gravity: Group Art Exhibition

Gala Bent, Patti Bowman, Weldon Butler, Minh Carrico, MalPina Chan, Diem Chau, Maura Donegan, Shruti Ghatak, Justin Gibbens, Clare Johnson, Jody Joldersma, Amanda Knowles, BethAnn Lawson, Rich Lehl, Terry Leness, Vikram Madan, Carol Milne, Daphne Minkoff, Naoko Morisawa, Saya Moriyasu, Kemba Opio, Megan Reisinger, Jane Richlovsky, George Rodriguez, Samantha Scherer, Tee Gee Story, Thuy Van Vu. Matthew Whitney, Suze Woolf, Angie Hinojos Yusef.

Read more

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BIG BROTHER: Augmented Nature Project.  This temporary outdoor art exhibition explored the boundary between nature and technology. Funded in part by a grant from 4Culture, the project features the work of five artists working in collaboration on a variety of installations. Read more

NESTS: Barbara DePirro.  Shoreline’s South Woods Park hosted a series of woven ivy-vine sculptures attached to trunks. These “nests” were installed over a few weeks and accumulated to about 30 throughout the park, in loose clusters and occasionally singles. Ivy for the project was pulled at work parties for the park organized by South Woods Preservation Society. Read more

CONTEXTURED: MiYoung Margolis & Loreen Matsushima. Layered paint, mixed media collage elements, press techniques, and unorthodox tools like knives. The imagery in Contextured is dreamlike and ethereal, abstract but frequently figurative. In addition to paintings and monotypes, the exhibition included some experimental surprises in sculpture and video.

PUZZLE OUT: a Latinex Prospectus.  By celebrating the contributions of Latino/a/x creatives, this exhibit challenges racial stereotypes that deny just how vital to our thought leadership and cultural landscape is the varied voice of the Hispanic community. More information

FORAGED AND CULTIVATED: THE FINE ART OF SUSTAINABILITY Guest Curated by Anna Mia Davidson. Featuring award-winning photography by Eirik Johnson (courtesy of G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle), Annie Musselman, and Anna Mia Davidson. More information.

PERFORMANCE OF PLACE: Guest Curated by Christen Mattix. Twelve artists exploring a conversation about identity, place, and meaning spotlighting human interactions with natural and constructed environments that we activate and inhabit.  More information.

LIGHT ENERGY: Three installations hidden in Brugger's Bog Park. The art was assembled from laser cut transparent acrylic and salvaged materials. Each piece was designed using shapes that fit perfectly in a single square foot area to reduce waste material. More information

AFTERMASH:  exploring a wide range of African American experience, from portraiture to conceptual installation art, from photography to painting to video and sculpture.  Read the Press Release [PDF]

TOASTERS & TESLAS: Co-curated by Shoreline Lake Forest Park Arts Council and the City of Shoreline, Toasters and Teslas focuses on the general theme of totemic items in our modern life, and the idea of identity through design, featuring the work of Brian Kern, Eric Brown, Fiona McCargo, and Michael Baran.

LIKE MOTHER: A group exhibition curated by Kelly Lyles exploring the profound bond between mothers and daughters. Featuring: Mary Coss,  Marita Dingus,  Maura Donegan,  Deborah Lawrence,  Kelly Lyles,  Holly Ballard Martz,  Carol Milne,  Joan Stuart Ross,   Lana Sundberg,  Elana Winsberg

Nature and the Machine: a juxtaposition of seemingly opposing forces

Cross-Polinations: Explores Artists Working in Collaboration

Modvale: Presence and Absence in Local History

John Kiley: Evenfall Sculpture along the Interurban 

Township & Range (Group Exhibition)

"Lost Documents" (Group Exhibition)

Jeff Curtis, "Move or Be Moved" (Guest-Curated Exhibition)

Dara Solliday

Savina Mason

Naoko Morisawa

Russ Glaser

Jody Joldersma

Nicole Brauch


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