Permanent Collection [pdf]

Sundial at RBSW

Reflex Solaris by Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan
at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park

Over 25 works of art have been commissioned or maintained for community enjoyment. New works of art are purchased through the City's 1% for the Arts municipal arts program.

Current Indoor Exhibitions

Peppe_Swirling Cherry (002) 

Swirling Cherry and Butterfly

by Peppé










Current Outdoor Exhibitions

Significant sculptures, eco-art in urban forests, and pianos popping up seasonally all around Shoreline.




by Barbara DiPirro









Public Art in Shoreline: Defining Public Space in Artistic Terms

Shoreline’s 1% for Art program has funded public art in the City since 2002. Since then, we have added more than 25 permanent sculptures, ranging from integrated design, to conceptual installations, banners, murals, utility box wraps,  and more. New temporary projects since 2012 add to the City’s cultural fabric, and City Hall hosts a number of exhibitions, showcasing the work of 50+ artists each year. Begin your tour with the Public Art Map or by browsing this site.