Shoreline Film Office

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The Shoreline Film Office is growing a local film industry, and the talent to support it, by providing affordable resources to film professionals willing to create in an educational context.

The Shoreline Film Office is a collaborative effort of the Office of Economic Development at the City of Shoreline and the Performance Arts and Digital Filmmaking program at Shoreline Community College. The Shoreline Film Office is the broker for services, incentives, venues, and production support for local film, gaming, theater, and sound professionals willing to create a laboratory experience for Shoreline Community College students.

The Shoreline Film Office is located on the Shoreline Community College campus and includes collaboration space and black box rehearsal space. Those willing to provide opportunities for students during their production can, with an educational agreement in place, use SCC film students, equipment, venues, and facilities for filming and post-production at little or no additional cost. To learn more, please contact the Shoreline Film Office at (206) 546-5829 or at

If you are planning to film in the City of Shoreline and want to shoot on public owned property - for example, a Shoreline park, a City facility, or on a street - we can help you determine if a permit is necessary, how much time you should allow, and what fees, if any, will be required. Please complete the Shoreline Film Office Project Info Form and submit it to the film office. 

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