Aurora Square Community Renewal Area

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Imagine an open, green plaza in the center of Shoreline, filled with sun-bathing and studying students, young families watching their children run and play, an elderly couple enjoying a Central Market picnic, dogs wagging their tails, actors practicing their lines, and the sound of college-age buskers singing with an occasional clink as coins fall into a hat.

This is the back-drop to the busy comings and goings of shoppers and lunching workers who relish the time of their day that allows them to visit the renewed Aurora Square shopping center. It is a “one-stop” convenience shopping solution that provides dining, nightlife, and healthy-lifestyle options. It is a community gathering place, where a leg-stretching walk easily turns into a serendipitous rendezvous with friends. It is an environmentally sensitive district within walking distance of Metro’s Rapid Ride bus service and the Interurban Trail: the intersection of life, study, entertainment, sustainability and retail.

Update - June 9, 2017

The City continues to encourage renewal of the Aurora Square CRA according to the CRA Renewal Plan.

The City's unilateral efforts currently include:

On the private side:

  • Redevelopment of the 17-acre Sears property is critical to the comprehensive redevelopment of the CRA. Sears has indicated interest in in redevelopment in the past, but now is marketing the site along with a portfolio of its real estate assets. The City is hopeful that a change in ownership will spark redevelopment.

  • The Super China Buffet site application to replace the restaurant with an apartment building has expired. The applicant was unable to get a needed internal shopping center operational agreement amendment from the other CRA property owners.

  • The triangle property between Westminster Way N and Aurora Avenue N was proceeding as a 300+ unit apartment building in 2016 when the developer, Lobsang Dargey, ran into legal issues with the SEC and the property was put into receivership. The City worked with the Receiver to get the buildings demolished and is now working with the company that has the project under contract. That company is trying to resolve three issues: 1) get the building application approved, 2) resolve bankruptcy issues, and 3) receive approval on its environmental cleanup plan from the Department of Ecology. Soil contamination is present from a dry cleaner that once occupied a small part of the site. The potential purchasing company hopes to resolve all three issues by the end of 2017, allowing it to close on the property and proceed with construction in late 2017 or early 2018.

For more information contact Dan Eernissee, Economic Development Manager.


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