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City identifies site for potential community & aquatics center

Post Date:06/12/2018 11:47 am

As part of the ongoing effort to look at the potential development of a new community and aquatics center, the City has identified a preferred site for the facility in Town Center. The City has chosen WRNS Studio to develop site designs and construction cost estimates for a community and aquatics center located at 17828 Midvale Avenue N. This is the current site of Storage Court of Shoreline. Also included in the site location are eight properties on the west side of Stone Avenue between N 178th and N 180th Streets. The City has notified the property owners of its interest in potentially purchasing the properties. However, it is possible that the final design for the facility will not require the City to purchase all eight properties.

As part of the Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan adopted last year, the City conducted an Aquatic/Community Feasibility Study to research options for replacing the Shoreline Pool and Spartan Recreation Center. The study analyzed community needs and potential sites for a combined community and aquatic center.

An important part of the feasibility study was an assessment of potential locations for the future facility. The study considered very general locations throughout Shoreline. The preliminary designs and cost estimates prepared as part of the study were based on a generic site of about 4.5 acres in size.

Working with the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services/Tree Board and through a community process, the City developed a series of evaluation criteria for assessing location options. The criteria included:

  • central location
  • meets city development goals 
  • frequent transit access 
  • vehicular accessibility 
  • pedestrian/bike access
  • visibility
  • ease of land assembly 
  • availability of publicly owned land

Based on these criteria, the City determined the Midvale Avenue location would be the optimal site for a new community and aquatics center. Its adjacency to the Interurban Trail and the Park at Town Center, visibility and proximity to Aurora Avenue, and frequent transit service make it an ideal location. The location also offers the opportunity to become a signature civic center to anchor future town center development. WRNS Studio, through the proposed scope of work, will prepare designs and cost estimates that take into account the unique characteristics of this site.

King County constructed the Shoreline Pool in 1971 as part of the Forward Thrust Bond program. Based on an assessment of the pool completed in 2013, it is in need of significant health and safety upgrades and other major maintenance to keep it operational. The Spartan Recreation Center is also showing its age and will require renovations if it is going to continue to meet the recreational needs of our growing and diverse community. Instead of reinvesting in these two facilities separately, the City believes this is an opportunity to combine the functionality of an aquatic center and a community center in a central location. This will allow us to provide a better and more efficient experience to Shoreline residents. Given the level of reinvestment being called for at the pool and the future needs of the Spartan Recreation Center, the City believes this is an opportune time to develop a comprehensive, long-range plan for the pool and community center.