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Storm Preparedness

Post Date:10/17/2017

Help prevent flooding by clearing Storm Drains

With the fall season, leaves and pine needles can accumulate on top of storm drains, blocking rain water from entering, and sometimes causing large puddles to form in our neighborhoods.

City crews sweep streets to keep drains clear, but we could use your help! Residents can help remove leaves and other debris before and after storm events.

Residents can also volunteer to “adopt” a storm drain or multiple drains through the “Adopt a drain program.”

To learn more about the Adopt a Drain program, or to sign-up, please visit or call Surface Water Utility at (206) 801-2450.

Sand Bag Filling Station

The City of Shoreline is encouraging its residents and businesses to be prepared for inclement weather, including flood prevention. Sandbags can be used on private property to help prevent or minimize localized flooding. A Self-Serve Sand Bag Station with free sand and bags is located in Hamlin Park at 16006 15th Ave NE. The City asks for the “good faith” use of the supplies and that you leave the site as you found it for the next citizen in need. Small shovels will be placed at the site but we can’t guarantee they will be there when you need them so shovels are the responsibility of those preparing sandbags. See detailed directions to the site below.

U-Fill Sand Bag Station at Hamlin Park: To get there you must enter Hamlin Park from the 15th Ave NE side at the NE 160th St traffic signal. Proceed east into the park and turn left into the first parking lot and then another left towards the trail head (back of parking lot). Next to the concrete block storage bin will be a pile of sand, empty sand bags, and filler tubes (cones).

If you have any questions or need further information please contact the City of Shoreline’s main line at 206-801-2700

Ronald Bog Early Warning System

This system reports the water level of the Ronald Bog by phone and on the City’s website.

The website has a static image of the response and event levels and a table that shows the water level of Ronald Bog in real-time increments of 15 minutes.

The system sends an alert by phone when the water level reaches 365.1 feet, the early warning water level. There is 4.5 feet between the early warning water level and at the top of the flood wall. Staff closely monitors the rainfall projections and the levels of the bog after been alerted of the levels reaching 365 feet. The Reverse 911 will be activated if there is an increasing risk of the wall overtopping well before it reaches 369.5 feet.

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact the Surface Water Utility at (206) 801-2450.

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