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Ronald Wastewater has moved to City Hall

Post Date:10/05/2017 9:38 am

Customer service and in-person payments now take place at Shoreline City Hall, 17500 Midvale Avenue N. 

In 2002, the City and Ronald Wastewater District entered into an agreement to unify sewer services with City operations. The first phase of this unification occurred on October 23, 2017, when the City began providing sewer service to the community under a service contract with the District. Under this arrangement, the City operates and maintains the sewer utility while the Ronald Wastewater District Board of Commissioners are responsible for addressing policy matters, setting rates, and managing capital improvements for the utility. Once the service contract expires, the second phase of the unification will occur, with the City assuming responsibility for operations, policy, and governance of the utility. The wastewater utility will operate in much the same way as the City’s current surface water utility, under the direction of the City Council.

How does this first phase affect District customers?

Not very much. All of the same great service provided by Ronald will continue. Customer service issues can still be reported using the utility’s phone number – (206) 546-2494. Paying your bill has not changed, unless you pay in person or use the District’s payment drop box. All utility business conducted in person, including paying a bill, using the payment drop box, addressing a customer service issue, or receiving a permit, is now conducted at Shoreline City Hall - 17500 Midvale Avenue N. The new payment drop box is located on the top floor of the City Hall parking garage.

Bill payment options

Method of payment  After October 23
 Online bill payment  Remains the same
 Doxo paperless billing  Remains the same
 Automatic withdrawal  Remains the same
 Mail payment  Remains the same
 Pay in person  Now at Shoreline City Hall, 17500 Midvale Ave N
 Pay by cash or check
 After hours drop box  Now at Shoreline City Hall parking garage, 17500 Midvale Ave N
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