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Ridgecrest Right-of-Way Improvement Workshop

“Downtown Ridgecrest” is the commercial hub of Shoreline’s Ridgecrest neighborhood. The unusually wide NE 165th Street and 5th Avenue NE right-of-way speaks to the once bustling intersection shared by the Crest Theater, a Prairie Market, and one of the first 7-11 convenience stores in the Pacific Northwest. When Interstate 5 opened in 1965, it cut off connectivity to the west, drawing commuters away. Over the decades that followed, little changed and the intersection grew neglected. 

In 2014, an innovative economic development initiative, Food Truck Shoreline, proved what Ridgecrest residents claimed: strong commercial demand surrounds Downtown Ridgecrest. Hundreds of neighbors flocked by foot, bike, and stroller to line up at a food truck window. Not long after, Ridgecrest residents Megan Kogut and Jarred Swalwell opened the Ridgecrest Public House, which now serves customers hand-crafted beers—including Shoreline’s own Hemlock State—and hosts a different food truck each night. 

These ventures testify to a renaissance of Downtown Ridgecrest, the hub of a relatively affordable neighborhood with excellent schools and parks that is strategically located halfway between two future light rail stations. 
With the help of a Port of Seattle grant and led by Mithun, an experienced architectural and urban planning firm, the City hopes to bring insight, inspiration, and practical planning to Downtown Ridgecrest. The goal is to create a preliminary plan to improve City-owned right-of-way. We will then consider and prioritize the improvements individually and fund them through the City’s Capital Improvement Project process. 

The planning begins at a public workshop in Downtown Ridgecrest hosted by Transdev (16325 5th Avenue NE) on Tuesday, Apri 17, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Anyone interested in learning and offering opinions are encouraged to attend.  Walking and carpooling is encouraged as parking is extremely limited.